Saturday, September 1, 2012

NPC's and MOAP and a longing for hypergrid

After going to the OSSL NPC section of the OpenSim wiki, I turned on MOAP and NPC's.

Now, I've played with these features before back on OSGrid, but out here at the end of the metaverse, you have to entertain yourself in some way- so I made a friend- literally.

I thought it would be cute to have an avatar keep constant vigil at the seat near the door should anybody come by- of course maybe all of 3 people have logins right now, but.. I'm optimistic ^^; Which brings me to hypergrid.

We're still working on hoping to get this put on the hypergrid but no signs of it yet, still having firewall issues, waiting on the server admin. I considered hosting at home, but I think I'll stick it out with this setup as long as possible, the server is really nice and we have free use of it.

For now, I think I'll continue to tinker with OpenSim and report any neat trinkets I find. Until next update!

-- Raz


  1. I wondered what happened to you hon.

    1. Shep! ^^ Good to see you again. I'm bouncing here and there, I'll eventually settle on something I figure :)