Sunday, March 3, 2013

Raz Cafe Google+ Community Information

I started a community on Google+ for my Raz Cafe sim! You can see it here:

Checking in this morning I was pleasantly surprised to see I'd already had a few visitors at the cafe! There's grey cube with hovertext indicating all the visitors, I'll reset it from time to time, maybe I'll rewrite it so that it keeps a more persistent list in notecards- ( thank you, osMakeNotecard! ).

More to the point, Linda mentioned that I could write a set of community guidelines so that the group was a little more focused, so here we go.

What to expect/post at Raz Cafe in G+:

The posts I would particularly love to see are:
  • Stories that involve you and your friends that reflect how you're enjoying OS and the hypergrid.
    • Especially stories how you found out about OpenSim and got involved!
  • Stories that just involve your own individual experiences with OS, (petting the cat while you try forever to get a firewall to work... *sigh*)
  • Personal projects you maybe working on in OS
  • Items or scripts you might want to share (I love tinkering!)
  • Photos!!!! Progress shots, finished shots, perhaps you want feedback on what you're working on.
  • Travel photos! As this is a rather hypergrid oriented group, I would love to see people posting pictures of what they've seen, with linkbacks so other people can see for themselves too.
  • Personal thoughts about living in the free metaverse (Simple things like, sipping tea while making a chair.)
  • Last but not least- photos of you chatting with your friends at the cafe~
This group is less about the OS and Virtual World community at large, , and more about the subtle inbetween moments, the things that make all the effort worthwhile. The small things you wouldn't normally think significant enough to post, captured in snapshots and blurbs. Those late night hours you spent getting your sim online, fighting with your cat and spilling coffee on the keyboard (actually I think a few opensim induction stories would be great).

I want to know the human side of OS, the small triumphs and trials. This is what a cafe is to me, a place to learn, share, and tell stories. I hope to hear from you ^^

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